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The Florida Public Pension Trustee Association Newsletter Archive.  

Various Op-eds, thought pieces, responses, and articles.

Ticking Time Bomb: The Retirement Gap
Our case rests on two major premises: without guaranteed retirement plans, employers will have difficulty recruiting and retaining qualified employees; and 401(k) accounts do not guarantee nor provide adequate retirement income for workers at the end of their careers. . . . more
Quick Facts on Florida's Local Government Retirement Systems
Updating a previous fact sheet, the FPPTA provides basic statistics regarding the number of pension systems, members, funding information, and benefits. . . . more
International Association of Fire Fighters: Defined Benefit Pension Plans are Important to Help Fire Fighters Retire with Dignity
Defined Benefit Pension plans are important to help fire fighters retire with dignity. Watch this new IAFF pension video to help protect the retirement of fire fighters. . . . more
The Investigators: ALEC - The Backroom Where Laws Are Born
This is a glimpse into the world of the American . . . more
FPPTA Op-Ed: Public Pension Plans Are Transparent & Balanced (2/27/15)
An editorial about a recent workshop intended to gather information and observations on the state of pension plans across Florida (Times-Union on Wed. Feb. 25th), called for new state laws overseeing municipal pension plans, the implication being that pension boards require stronger governmental oversight. As it happens, 265 of the state’s 490 municipal pension plans are members of the Florida Public Pension Trustees Association (FPPTA), which offers a rigorous certification program and a continuing education program that focuses on best practices for pension plan trustees. We have a very close-up view of the state of municipal plans across Florida, and would like to offer some clarification to that discussion. . . . more
FPPTA Press Release: Cuts to Public Worker Benefits Since 2010 Nearly Universal in Florida Cities
Municipal public employees since 2010 have lost benefits, lengthened their career service, increased pension contributions and/or decreased the formula used to calculate retirement benefits, among other changes, in a large majority of cities according to a survey conducted by the Florida Public Pension Trustees Association (FPPTA). The survey tracks the trends in how locally operated public pension plans have altered their retirement benefits. . . . more
"Retirement Security: A Good Investment" -- A Collection of Essays
In this collection of essays that look back over the past 30 years, the FPPTA brings together the views of consummate professionals each with decades of experience in public pension covering investment in capital markets, asset allocations, fund management, government policy, legal issues and litigation. Their observations about the challenges facing public pension plans are candid and their conclusions offer new insights into how these long-standing bastions of retirement security can be preserved for future generations, and why they are so critically important to our economy. This second edition of this book of essays now includes two new essays covering auditing and qualified custodians. . . . more
[UPDATED] New Reports Reveal Depth of Corporate Collusion in Pension Attacks
...The Florida Public Pension Trustees Association in September 2013 invited reporters throughout the state to participate in a press call with journalist and author David Sirota who had just published a report, "The Plot Against Pensions: How Pew and the Arnold Foundation Plan to Undermine America’s Retirement Security". Sirota’s report was published by the Institute for America’s Future. . . . more
A New Challenge (and Challenger) Facing Public Pension Funds
In recent articles we have addressed the challenges facing the public pension industry — from difficulties meeting investment return targets and funding issues, to demographic issues within the aging plan participant population, to significant public and media pressures. In the years following the financial crisis, and the resultant perceived pension crisis, many U.S. public pension systems took steps to protect their respective funds by cutting retiree benefits in all areas, modifying asset allocations, and reducing administrative costs. And on an annual basis, public pension funds in many states across the country have been faced with stiff battles in their respective state legislatures to protect their defined benefit plans. In the past few months, several pension industry authors and analysts have shed increasing light on another challenge. . . . more
Press Release: Building Budget Problems One Tax Break at a Time
TALLAHASSEE ... Journalist and author David Sirota recently published a repor . . . more
Infographic: Building Budget Problems One Tax Break at a Time
Public sector pension funds are continued to be scrutinized for their negative impact on state and municipal budgets. Are pension funds really the problem? This infographic highlights just how much revenue is lost through Florida's many, and sometimes reckless, corporate tax breaks. . . . more
ALEC and TIAA-CREF Join the Assault on Public Pensions
The right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council has jumped into the conservative effort to dismantle public pension systems in a big way, making it one of its top 2014 legislative priorities, a public pension advocacy group has warned. . . . more
Raymond Edmondson: Collins Institute gets it right on pensions
The Florida Public Pension Trustees Association applauds the newest report released by LeRoy Collins Institute, “Doing it Right: Recognizing Best Practices in Florida’s Municipal Pensions” (August 2013). . . . more
[Op-Ed] Public Pensions Remain Strong
It is good public policy to ensure that our pension system remains well-funded so that the financial welfare of these public servants in retirement is fair-and-reasonable. . . . more
The Rising Tide of Insecurity: Americans’ Positive View of Pensions
Recent surveys by non-partisan research groups show significant public support for pension plan retirement systems, despite the demise of corporate pension plans in the U.S. workforce. This research is significant because it occurs despite a groundswell of “pension envy” exacerbated by steep stock market losses among 401(k) investors during the recent recession. . . . more
The Rising Tide of Insecurity: Wall Street’s Exuberant Embrace of Individual Investors
In 2008, mortgage-backed derivatives crumbled the housing market like it was a deck of cards and launched one of the steepest stock slides in American history. It also was the year Wall Street doled out $18 billion in bonuses to banking executives, fund managers and brokers, much of it from the profits made by selling new financial products to individual investors. . . . more
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