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The Rising Tide of Insecurity: Wall Street’s Exuberant Embrace of Individual Investors
In 2008, mortgage-backed derivatives crumbled the housing market like it was a deck of cards and launched one of the steepest stock slides in American history. It also was the year Wall Street doled out $18 billion in bonuses to banking executives, fund managers and brokers, much of it from the profits made by selling new financial products to individual investors. . . . more

The Rising Tide of Insecurity: 401(k)’s Hidden Fees Cost Investors Retirement Security
American workers who are dependent on a 401(k) account or mutual fund investment for their retirement security may be losing as much as two-thirds of their lifetime investment earnings in fees to brokers, bankers and fund managers. And most American workers don’t know it . . . more

Raymond Edmondson: Public pension plans can benefit all
Closing the state’s defined benefit public pension plan in favor of individual defined-contribution, 401(k)-style accounts, as the Florida Legislature is considering, is misguided thinking. . . . more

HEADLINE ROUNDUP: First Responders Provide Security, Deserve Security
HEADLINE ROUNDUP: First Responders Provide Security, Deserve Security . . . more

Headline Roundup: 401(k) Not Adequate for Retirement Security
Headline news across the nation is focusing on the inadequacy of individual retirement accounts modeled on the 401(k), with researchers and economists agreeing that the once popular investment accounts are so far doing a poor job of providing retirement security. . . . more

Open Letter to Governor Rick Scott
By way of introduction, I am a resident of Florida having moved here along with my wife and two children from New Jersey in 1967. It was a turbulent time in our country; we made the decision to relocate our family after living through three civil rights riots in New Jersey. We moved to Florida and I became a Fort Lauderdale police officer. . . . more

Orlando Sentinel Poll Reveals Strong Support For Pensions
The Orlando Sentinel last week posted a question to readers: Should the State of Florida abandon traditional defined benefit (guaranteed) pensions in favor of defined contribution 401 (k) style accounts for all new employees? . . . more

Pension Reform Should Not = Pension Eradication
Calling it “the responsible path”, a Miami Herald editorial (Past Time for Pension Reform) urged Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford and Senate President Don Gaetz to push legislation that would effectively end public pension retirement plans for Florida’s 623,00 public employees by enrolling all new hires into 401(k) style plans. . . . more

FPPTA Infographic: Defined Benefit Pension Plans Reduce Elder Economic Hardships
This FPPTA infographic investigates the role of defined benefit pension plans have in relieving the elderly of economic hardships. . . . more

FPPTA Infographic: Defined Benefit Pensions Grow the Economy: Florida's Story
This FPPTA infographic takes a look at what impact defined benefit pensions have on Florida's economy. . . . more

FPPTA Infographic: Where Does the Money Come From, Where Does It Go?
Public sector pension funds continue to face increased scrutiny that they are devouring state and local budgets. But are they really? This FPPTA infographic investigates state and local revenues and how they are allocated to pension benefits for public workers . . . more

NCPERS Statement on Pew Charitable Trusts Study, A Widening Gap in Cities
Washington, DC – The following is a statement by Hank Kim, Esq., Executive Director and Counsel for the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS), regarding the new study by the Pew Charitable Trusts called "A Widening Gap in Cities" . . . more

Are We Reaching The Tipping Point on Retirement Security?
At least two reports released in recent months have confirmed what public sector workers have known all along: defined benefit pensions are the best path to retirement security; and retirement security benefits everyone. . . . more

Quick Facts on Florida's Local Government Retirement Systems
The state of Florida has 492 defined benefit municipal and special district retirement plans for local government employees sponsored by 239 local governments. These include police officers, firefighters, and general government employees. . . . more

FPPTA Offers Video Tutorials
The Florida Public Pension Trustees Association has just released the first of a series of short educational videos intended to provide viewers with a clearer understanding of how defined benefit pensions are funded and operate. . . . more

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